Medical Courier Services

Medical Courier Services

Is a full service courier company with services including:

  • Simple point to point deliveries ranging from overnight service, to same day to STAT deliveries (local and out of town).
  • Environmentally/Temperature controlled deliveries (specimens, pharmaceuticals, etc.)
  • Complex transport logistic management
  • Cube Van and 5 Ton service available


Overnight; regular Anywhere in CanadaOvernight item with delivery by 5 PM next day. Overnights need to be called in by 2 PM. Later pick-up times are available but a late pick-up charge will be applied. Late pick-up charge waived for regular pick-up clients.
Overnight; 9 AM delivery Most Destinations in CanadaOvernight item with delivery for 9 AM next day
Overnight; 10:30 AM delivery Most Destinations in CanadaOvernight item with delivery for 10:30 AM next day
Same Day Deliveries Within OntarioPick-up of item with delivery that day by 5 PM. Same Day deliveries must be called in by 10:30 AM
Rush DeliveriesPick-up of item with delivery within 4 hours. The Rush delivery service/price may not be available for some out-of-town destinations.
STAT DeliveriesPick-up of item with delivery ASAP. This service is a direct drive service and available for local and out-of-town destinations.
3rd Party Pick-UpsPick-up of items from a 3rd party location with delivery back to client or other location.
Scheduled / RouteScheduled pick-up/delivery on route system. MCS specializes in maintaining a delivery/pick-up route system for clients.


Weight / VolumeWeight charges of $0.10/lb will apply for items over 30 lbs. Volume charges may apply for items larger than 2’ x 2’ x 2’. A $5 oversize charge may apply to larger item.
Wait TimesA wait time of 10 minutes or less will not incur any additional charge. Over 10 minutes, a wait charge of $2.50 / 5 minutes may apply.
Night / Weekend / Holiday ServiceNight/Weekend/Holiday services are available. See our hours of operation for available call times. Services outside office hours are available, pre-arrangements must be made. STAT charges apply to these services.
Van and Truck ServiceCargo Van service is available for larger deliveries. A minimum $25 van charge will apply. Cube Van and 5 Ton Truck service is also available.